Yankee Hill Machine Low Profile Gas Block

Yankee Hill Machine Low Profile Gas Block (YHM-9183A)

The gas block of the AR-15 is at the heart of its successful operation. Proper gas flow is essential to properly cycle the firearm.

The Yankee Hill Machine Low Profile Gas Block is a great, low-cost item for building or upgrading your AR-15. The low profile allows a handguard to be attached under a free-floating handguard for an uninterrupted, smooth rifle profile. The gas block is parkerized for corrosion and wear protection, which is important as the gas block will be constantly exposed to hot, dirty gas from gunpowder.

Additionally, it’s available in a clamp-on configuration for easy installation. The clamp-on model is installed by simply sliding the gas block into place and tightening two screws to secure the unit.

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