Yankee Hill Machine Diamond Handguard

Yankee Hill Machine Black Diamond Handguard

Everybody knows that the AR-15 accessories market has been saturated in recent years. With so many products available, it’s sometimes hard to sort the signal from the noise and find the products worth buying.

Yankee Hill Machine is one company that has differentiated itself consistently with quality and innovation. The Black Diamond Handguard is no different. The diamond-shaped cuts on this handguard look great on a modern tactical rifle, but more importantly, they’re functional. It’s actually a clever way of reducing the weight of the forearm without compromising strength. Picatinny rail attachments allow you to mount any accessories you need to meet your mission.

The Black Diamond Handguard is available in lengths from 7.29” to 15”, giving you a wide range of choices for your uses and aesthetics. The generous 1.75” inner diameter will hide a low profile gas block and is even large enough to tuck a silencer inside for a clean look.

All in all, these handguards are a great way to stand out from the crowd with subtlety and grace – and stay functional while doing it.

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