UTG Covert Gun Case

UTG Covert Gun Case

Proper firearm storage is an essential part of maintaining your firearm over time, and transport is important. No one wants to just throw their guns in the floorboard of the car with accessories rolling around loose. In addition, many people (especially those living in apartments or townhouse complexes) live in close proximity to their neighbors and may not want to display the fact that they’re taking firearms to the range.

The UTG Covert Homeland Security Gun Case is a great option to discreetly transport one or two rifles, along with all of the accessories you need to go to the range, field, or just for general safekeeping.

Available in 34 and 42-inch versions, the flat black construction of the UTG Gun Case is not shaped like a rifle and does not immediately scream “I’m carrying a gun!” like so many other cases. The inside pocket has straps to hold two standard sized AR-15 carbines or rifles (depending on the length) or one well-equipped rifle with additional accessories such as high-powered optics, bipods, and muzzle attachments.

In addition, the front pocket is roomy for additional shooting accessories and contains three velcroed pouches for storing magazines. With a little bit of planning, everything needed for one shooting trip can be stored in this single bag. Not only is this convenient, it reduces your profile and visibility as a potential target for theft or harassment as a gun owner.

The adjustable shoulder strap is padded to help reduce the load of carrying all the weight, and the pack is lined with high-density foam to prevent pieces sticking out and causing uncomfortable wear. It can be adjusted to wear like a backpack for comfortable and convenient carry.

Best of all, the price is very competitive and offers great value. It’s a pack well worth having around even for the occasional use that demands it.


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