Timney Competition Trigger

Timney Competition Trigger

Timney has made a name for themselves in the aftermarket trigger market. Go to any shooting competition and it’s likely you’ll see many proud shooters sporting Timney rifle triggers. Try one for yourself and you’ll understand why.

The Timney Competition Trigger is a truly drop-in solution that is easily installed by the user with no need for a gunsmith. It uses all the same components as your regular trigger pack. All the components are self-contained in the aluminum housing (no fighting springs to get the components in place).

Like all Timney Triggers, the Ar-15 Competition Trigger is a smooth, single-stage break with barely any noticeable creep. The break is short, with a very short travel, and a smooth and tactile reset. These features make it perfect for precision shooting as well as run and gun style shooting which requires quick, controlled shot splits.

The triggers are available factory set in weights from 3 to 4.5 lbs. The trigger shoe is also available with the standard curve, flat trigger, or skeletonized to fit your individual preference.

When it comes to triggers, you can’t go wrong with a Timney. The AR-15 Competition Trigger really changes the behavior of your gun for the better.

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