Radian Weapons Raptor-SD Charging Handle

Radian Weapons Raptor-SD Charging Handle

The Radian Weapons Raptor-SD charging handle is designed to meet the needs of a heavy use rifle, especially one equipped with a silencer.

If you’ve ever fired a suppressed AR-15 you know all about gas spray in the face. It’s hot, it’s dirty, it can fill your eyes with tears that obscure your sight picture. The Raptor-SD features a series of ports that allow the gas to release back into the receiver instead of blowing back into the shooter’s face.

The large, ambidextrous levers allow easy manipulation of the rifle. The lever can be actuated traditionally or with a palm-open maneuver (much like charging an AK or M14 pattern rifle) that allows manipulating the bolt with gross body movements. The Raptor-SD is sturdy, easy to use, and has a bold look on the rifle. Plus, no gas in the face is a big plus for silencer stamp collectors.

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