Magpul BAD Lever

Magpul BAD Lever

Although the AR-15 is a great design that’s proven its worth many times over, parts of the design are a little dated for today’s shooting styles. One of these pieces is the bolt hold open/release button. It’s not located in a place that’s easily accessible and can require some manipulation to activate while shooting to clear a jam or reload.

The Magpul BAD Lever is a simple design that installs in minutes with all the tools and hardware included. It extends the reach of your bolt stop lever to a location just under the trigger guard, effectively transferring all of your major controls to the easy reach of your firing hand. This really enhances the ergonomics of the AR. Reloads from an open bolt is super easy, as you can drop the magazine with one finger and then release the bolt with the same finger without ever losing your firing hand grip.

Locking the bolt open or clearing malfunctions is much easier with a BAD Lever too, as you can access the charging handle with one hand and easily lock the bolt with your firing hand.

It’s also great for left-handed shooters using right-handed rifles, where most of the controls won’t be set up for your use.

All in all, the Magpul BAD Lever really increases the usability of the AR in modern shooting rifles and is a low-cost way to improve your rifle.

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