KNS Precision Anti Roll Pins

KNS Precision Anti Roll Pins

A lot goes into the building of a quality AR-15, and it’s not always obvious to the shooter. But, every pin and spring has its place and can affect the overall function.

Trigger and hammer pins are one example. Few people think about them until they start to malfunction. Poorly fitting trigger pins can “walk”, moving out of place and potentially causing malfunctions.

Even when the pins aren’t walking, they are rotating and causing friction against the receiver. The rotation of these pins, as well as the installation and removal, will eventually start to wear the holes until the pins have a sloppy fit.

The KNS Precision Anti Roll Pins provide a very quick and easy solution to this problem. Installation takes only a few minutes, following the included instructions. They install easily and solidly, and prevent rotating and walking pins.

Plus, you’ll end up with a cool-looking receiver. The set just looks right on an AR-15 receiver, especially a “tactical” build.

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