Hexmag 30 Round Magazine

Hexmag 30 Round Magazine Review

Good magazines are as important to your rifle as any other part of the system. No matter how good your gun is, if your magazine fails, it’s going to cause function problems.

Hexmag has gained a reputation for well-built, durable magazines at a highly competitive price. The Series 2 Hexmags offer further improvements to enhance reliability and use.

One great feature of the Hexmags is the ability to easily disassemble without any tools – great for cleaning mud and other obstructions out if you treat your magazines harshly in competition or training environments. This also allows the user to replace springs – considered the “wear component” of the magazine – to keep their mag running for many thousands of rounds.

The Hexmag is available in 4 colors to match your rifle or to easily differentiate between magazines kept for different purposes. Along these lines, the Hexmag also incorporates the color identification system to easily differentiate between magazines used for different ammunition calibers. This is especially important for owners who shoot multiple calibers which can cause catastrophic malfunctions if mixed up (one great example is the .300 Blackout in a .223 chamber).

For the price, Hexmags function reliably, look right in the rifle and handle easily due to their unique surface pattern. They are a solid investment for the serious rifle owner.


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