FAB Defense Ergonomic Folding Pistol Grip

FAB Defense Ergonomic Folding Pistol Grip

The FAB Defense Ergonomic Folding Pistol Grip is something of a head turner. Although many aftermarket grips are common on AR-15 rifles, a grip that folds up horizontally is unique.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its place though. AR-15 storage and transport can sometimes be tricky because of the height between the bottom of the pistol grip and the top of the optic (whether an A2 front sight or telescopic sight).

This is one area where the folding grip shines. By stowing horizontally, the grip reduces the overall profile of the rifle. In this configuration, it can more easily fit and stow in bags, racks, safes, or other places of storage. This makes it ideal for limited storage space, fitting in a standard slim rifle or bag, or even stowing in a vehicle or bug-out kit.

As a grip, it works well and is comfortable. It has an appropriately sized palm swell for hands from small to large, and the generously sized finger grooves are very comfortable as well. The high, round beavertail allows you to really seat your hand firmly for ultimate control without sacrificing comfort.

Although it may seem a little unorthodox at first, consider this grip if transport and storage are important considerations for your AR-15.


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