FAB Defense Angled Foregrip

FAB Defense Angled Grip

Angled grips have become popular in recent years due to the way they position the hand over the muzzle to reduce recoil. They are useful in theory, but many shooters do not find them comfortable or natural to use.

FAB Defense designed the PTK Ergo Grip to produce these benefits in a more ergonomic and comfortable design. Made of lightweight composite polymer, the PTK grip is both comfortable and lightweight. It mounts easily on Picatinny rails for compatibility with a number of rifles.

The ergonomic shape of the grip, with a palm swell and textured surface, makes the grip comfortable to hold and reduces strain on the hand by mimicking our natural curve. In addition, the forward curved “finger hook” naturally positions the hand in a way that allows the shooter to maintain positive control of the firearm and to point it quickly and easily.

FAB Defense also sells a side-mounted thumb rest for use in combination with the PTK grip. The combination naturally points the hand in a thumbs-forward “C-clamp” grip for ultimate controllability – but this additional attachment is not necessary to do the same grip with some practice.

If you’ve tried other angled foregrips and didn’t like the way they felt, don’t give up without trying the FAB Defense PTK grip first. It might change the way you feel about them.

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