Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle Case

Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle Case

How do you store and carry your rifles? Hopefully not in a large backpack or, worse, wrapped in a towel and carried hurriedly out to your car.

Firearms ownership and maintenance can be expensive, so in some cases, we can be tempted to skimp on things that we don’t think have an immediate impact with us. Although it may be tempting to go with the cheap case, consider that you spend lots of money and care on selecting (or building) a rifle that fits your needs, maintaining it, and becoming proficient with it.

You should have a method for securing and transporting your firearm and all the accessories that you need to use it. Elite Survival Systems offers one such option, the Assault Systems Rifle Case. Constructed from heavy nylon fiber, and heavily padded internally, The Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Rifle Case is solidly built and designed to protect your firearm. The zippers and all other hardware are heavy-duty and solid as well, not likely to break as many cheaper cases will.

The case comes with up to 6 magazine pouches and is available in several sizes. Their size chart lists firearms as small as 9mm submachine guns, all the way up to M14 and FAL sized battle rifles, so you can case your rifle of choice.

Solidly designed, and ready to hold a few magazines, this case makes a great choice for making your local range trip or even setting up a quick grab-and-go solution for your bug-out-bag with all ammo and accessories already packed along with the rifle.

If you’re tempted to save a few dollars buying a cheaper case, consider that a case of this quality will protect your firearm and is likely to survive many years of years of regular use.


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