Elftmann Tactical 3 Gun Trigger

Elftmann Tactical 3 Gun Trigger

A clean trigger pull is essential to mastering the shot. Whether you need to break a small target at long range or move quickly from target to target without breaking a shot, none of it will happen without the right trigger pull.

While you can’t buy technique and practice, you can buy a high-performance trigger that takes all the other obstacles out of the way and puts the performance solely in the shooter’s hands.

The Elftmann Tactical 3 Gun trigger is a precision-machined, high-performance unit designed especially for high-speed, high-accuracy sport shooting. The trigger rotates on aerospace-grade bearings for a super-smooth, low-friction pull. All internal components are cut on an EDM machine, precision ground, and hardened for precise fit and long service life. All this adds up to not only a super smooth trigger pull, but a sharply decreased lock time (a major factor in putting rounds on target).

The trigger installs to any standard AR-15 receiver using the pins you already have. All the components are self-contained in the ultra-lightweight housing, with the whole package adding barely over 2 oz. to your rifle (a perfect touch to a lightweight build).

Pull weight is user adjustable and can even be done while it’s installed in the lower receiver! The short take-up, super crisp pull, minimal over travel and short reset help you achieve the perfect trigger pull and follow through, putting rounds on target quickly and efficiently.

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