Daniel Defense Vertical Foregrip

Daniel Defense Vertical Foregrip

Shooting a gun quickly, accurately, and controllably is all about grip and control. In recent years, vertical forward grips have become popular for their use in a forward stabilizing aid.

The great benefit of a vertical foregrip is that it easily allows the shooter to pull the rifle into their shoulder and maintain positive control over the muzzle. Ultimately, this results in more control, less recoil, and quicker shots on target.

It’s hard to say much technical about what is basically a hunk of plastic and rubber for your hand to hold – but in all the ways that count, the Daniel Defense vertical foregrip is a great piece of gear. It’s long enough to get a full and proper hold, but short enough to not get in the way while handling or mounting other accessories.

The Daniel Defense Vertical Foregrip is available in configurations to mount to Picatinny, M-Lok, or Keymod rails, so you can fit it to whatever carbine you’re running. The piece is lightweight and the profile is just right to blend comfort and utility. A rubber panel on each side provides a comfortable, secure grip in all situations.

Ultimately, it is what it is. A piece of plastic and rubber that juts out of your handguard. For all that it is, though, Daniel Defense really made it right. It hits all the right spots for comfort, utility, and value. Highly recommended for your rifle or carbine.


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