Daniel Defense Pistol Grip

Daniel Defense Pistol Grip

Daniel Defense is one of the leading names in AR-15 quality, and it’s no surprise that their products are well thought-out and designed. The Daniel Defense Pistol Grip is solid, well built, and offers thoughtful improvements over the standard A2 pistol grip that is commonly seen.

The first interesting feature of the Daniel Defense pistol grip is the shape, which mimics the angle of the 1911 grip. For many American shooters, this is a familiar and very ergonomic grip. Adding additional comfort, over-molded rubber pads grip the hand in wet or dry conditions, whether wearing gloves or not.

The Daniel Defense Pistol Grip is also available with a built-in trigger guard. This is one fewer piece that will be required to assemble your AR-15 lower, and also removes one roll pin necessary for installation.

All in all, the Daniel Defense Pistol Grip is a solid and comfortable accessory for a budget-friendly price. It could definitely re-define what the “standard” pistol grip should be.


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