Aero Precision Enhanced M-Lok Handguard Gen 2

Aero Precision Enhanced M-Lok Handguard

Free-floated handguards are all the rage on tactical and sporting AR-15 builds, and for good reason. The AR-15 is often called “the grown man’s Lego toy” for all of its modularity and all of the aftermarket attachments.

The Enhanced M-Lok Handguard offers a nearly unlimited number of options for mounting accessories including scopes and other optics, night vision, flashlights, lasers, grips, or anything else you can think of mounting. The top has a continuous rail along the length for straight and secure mounting of optical accessories. The M-Lok slots allow easy mounting of M-lok accessories or rail sections for other items.

You may have heard that a free-floating handguard increases accuracy, and it’s true. Handguards that put pressure on the barrel can change your point of impact when resting on a support such as a shooting rest, barricade, or anything else you may rest your rifle on to improve stability. A free-floated handguard keeps the stress off of the barrel, maintaining a consistent point of impact no matter how you rest your rifle.

The handguard is compatible with low-profile gas blocks to maintain a sleek, uninterrupted profile and allow for continuous mounting options. The internal diameter is also large enough to contain most muzzle devices and even slim suppressors, to reduce the overall profile and also lower the chance of coming into contact with a hot suppressor.

For a competitive price, the Aero Precision Enhanced M-Lok Handguard Gen 2 is a great choice for any modern tactical rifle build. It’s sleek, sturdy, comfortable, and gives you control over all of your accessory mounting choices.


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