Aero Precision Builder Sets

Aero Precision Builder Sets

Building your own rifle from parts is rewarding, educational, and generally just fun. One of the more confusing aspects (at least for beginners) can be proper part selection. How do you pick parts that will work together, and beyond working together, how do you pick the parts that will perform best together?

Aero Precision Builder Sets are a great way to get started with building your rifle. Built by the same manufacturer with the intent to fit together, it eliminates the chance of poor fit causing tightness or sloppiness between your upper and lower receivers. They also provide everything you need to know your desired components will work together – you know that your free-floated handguard is going to fit the supplied upper receiver without any confusion of coupling parts.

Available in both .223 Remington and .308 Winchester sizes, the builder sets offer the ability to put together a rifle in almost any AR caliber you could want. Additionally, Aero Precision offers some really cool matched painted sets which offer a very professional and cohesive look. This can save you the worry of mismatched colors from different manufacturers, and a good bit of money if you were planning on sending your build out to be Cerakoted anyways.

Aero Precision Builder Sets are a great way to get started for a shooter who wants to assemble a rifle their own way and wants to start with a receiver set they know will be well-fitted.


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