Aero Precision Blemish Sales

Aero Precision Blemish Sales

If you actually use your rifle rather than just keeping it in the safe, it’s going to get a little scratched up. Most shooters don’t fear this but choose to embrace it. After all, a few battle scars really just add to the soul of a rifle.

If you’re trying to build a quality rifle and you know it’s going to get some scratches and dings on it, maybe you wouldn’t mind components that already had some of these wear marks if it meant saving good money on them.

Aero Precision Blemish Sales offer discounts on blemished components such as upper and lower receivers and handguards. It’s important to know that these are fully functional pieces that are machined to the same tolerances and dimensions as any other part. However, blemish pieces may be those that did not take plating evenly, or suffered handling or storage damage such as scratches, dings, dents, or pits.

These parts are offered for sale at significant discounts (often around 25% off) for buyers who are willing to deal with cosmetic imperfections to save money on their build.

It’s definitely something to consider for budget builders who want to get the most out of their rifles and shooting. If you can live with a couple cosmetic imperfections, the money you save could mean an upgraded scope, trigger, or just extra ammo and training.

It’s a great move on Aero Precision’s part to both uphold strict controls on cosmetic standards and to provide value to shooters looking for a good deal. Consider it the next time you want to start a rifle build.


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