9 Buttstock Options for Your AR15

9 Buttstock Options for Your AR-15

When you shoulder your rifle, what do you feel? Maybe it’s joy, maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s adrenaline. For each of us, it’s a little different, but one thing is always the same. We all feel the buttstock of our respective rifles pushing into our bodies. No other component has such a direct attachment to us and no other component influences stability, control, and maneuverability like the buttstock does.

Over the centuries the stock has evolved with the demands and needs of the shooters that inhabit that crevice of time. From the blunt solid wood stocks found in the flintlock rifles of the American Revolution to the modern lightweight stocks found on the rifles of today’s warfighters, the stock has played an integral role in the evolution of the rifle. One of the most enticing points of owning an AR style rifle is the personalization that is afforded to the shooter and just like every other portion of the platform, the stock has nearly endless options made to fit any situation and appease the pickiest of builders. We’ve compiled nine options that we think fit any style of shooter and enhance any rifle that these stocks find themselves married to.

Magpul CTR Stock

Magpul has been an industry leader for as long as there has been an industry, and they don’t disappoint with their CTR Mil-Spec stock. As a drop-in replacement for AR15/M16 styles with Mil-Spec sized receivers and extension tubes, the CTR features a friction lock system that minimizes slippage and a shielded release latch that all but eliminates accidental activation. An ambidextrous QD sling mount that accepts all push-button swivels and an included rubber stop add to the versatility and reliability. It also comes in four different color options including OD green, gray, flat dark earth, and foliage green.


Strike Industries Viper Stock

Strike Industries poured over the demands of tactical shooters and military professionals worldwide to develop their Viper Buttstock. In following that suit, they narrowed down the color options to what they saw as the most popular, black and flat dark earth. Built as a direct replacement for AR15/M16 style weapons using Mil-Spec receivers and extension tubes, installation is quick and easy and provides a lightweight option at just over six ounces. Strike Industries touts an enhanced cheek weld for longevity and made sure to integrate an ambidextrous QD mount for slings making it easily usable by all shooters.


Magpul MOE Milspec Stock

Magpul comes through again with its MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) Mil-Spec stock. Very akin to the CTR stock mentioned above, the MOE stock is designed as a budget-friendly alternative to the “stock” stock that is found on my AR platforms. Available in five colors, black, flat dark earth, gray, foliage green, and pink, the MOE stock is a fine addition to any rifle and any shooter without having to dig deep in the pockets. Drop in installation and a length of pull adjustment of three and a half inches round out this great accessory sure to please all range of enthusiast.


Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock

Building on the Original Equipment line, Magpul introduced the SL Carbine buttstock in an attempt to transcend the needs of the modern battlefield. Featuring a sleek profile, dual side release latches, a rolled toe, and angled rubber butt pad, the SL Carbine version was developed with body armor and quick engagements in mind. Compatible with multiple receiver-mount sling attachments, and a drop-in design suited for a quick install, the SL lends itself to the tactical shooter and modern warfighter. Available in flat dark earth and black with a LOP of just over 3 inches, the SL is a true Mil-Spec stock.


Luth-AR MBA-3 Carbine Stock

For those of you who want the most adjustability and aren’t worried about spending a few extra dollars to get it, the Luth-AR MBA 3 buttstock takes out all the stops to provide one of the most innovative stocks on the market. A three-axis adjustable butt plate assembly provides changes to the horizontal, vertical and lateral planes and a picatinny rail system on the bottom adds more attachment space. An index set screw eliminates rattle and allows you to set your stock in your favorite position while still weighing in at half that of comparable carbine stocks.


Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock 

Seeing weight as a crucial issue on the battlefield, Mission First Tactical saw the need to design a new stock that was the lightest on the market while still integrating all the necessary components of an operator’s arsenal. The Battlelink Minimalist Mil-Spec stock uses a revolutionary polyamide to craft what they tout as the lightest buttstock on the market but still incorporate the adjustability and durability that military members worldwide are after. Available in scorched dark earth, gray and black, the MFTBM is a slide on replacement that provides quicker shoulder presentation while lowering the overall weight of the weapon.


Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock

Daniel Defense has molded their new collapsible buttstock to fit Mil-Spec tubes so perfectly that there is no longer a need for a friction lock or set screw. Eliminating nearly all lateral and horizontal play, this Daniel Defense stock utilizes an interchangeable butt pad in various thicknesses so that it can transform to any operators needs and fit around any modular gear and body armor. Available in black and with quick sling attachment points, this stock also is a drop-in design that can be quickly exchanged with any Mil-Spec tubes for fast deployment, regardless of the shooter’s goals.


Advanced Technology Tactlite Ar-15 Mil-spec Stock

Advanced Technologies Tactlite Mil-Spec buttstock is a drop-in replacement for M4 style rifles, reducing the weight of a rifle considerably by weighing in under six ounces. Their tracklock system eliminates movement on the buffer tube so typical of original equipment. The design removed any potential snag points and incorporates dual sling attachment points and a slot for tactical sling attachments. A reinforced polymer keeps the weight as low as possible while not interring with the charging handle and a thin scorpion butt pad keeps the comfort and quick deployment at a maximum.


Adaptive Ex Ar Rifle Stock Mil Spec

Gracefully intertwining style and budget, the Adaptive EX Mil-Spec stock brings a touch of flair to the list with its new age design while keeping cost low. Designed as another drop-in install, the owner can quickly change out stocks to this one with its quick, rapid adjust level and custom length of pull. Non-rusting QD swivel attachments allow for aftermarket slings and the vented rubber butt pad gives the shooter comfort, quick deployment and the added benefit of keeping the shoulder cool in long use scenarios. An extra sturdy adjustment pin eases the mind and removes the thought of your stock slipping or sliding when you need it to stay as stable as possible.


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